Download firmware update

On this page you can download the latest firmware update and instructions.

Our latest update (7.5) is ready with the following improvements.

Version name
For models before 2022 - 7.5
For models from 2022 v0403

1. Improved impact sensor

2. Quiet start of wheel motor to avoid marks in lawn

3. Improved spiral cutting

4. When the robotic lawnmower hits the boundary cable, it stops and reverses to find a new direction

5. Fixes miscellaneous spelling errors and small bugs in the software

6. Corrects incorrect start-up in the charging station

7. Options for using multipoint when starting (Zonestart)

8. Raindelay control

9. Spiral cut (Helixcut) option to opt out

NOTE! All files must be put on an empty USB key (NOT the folder, just the files). The robot will load the correct update file itself.