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With a robotic lawnmower from Grouw,
you can come home every day to freshly cut grass and more time with your family.
Whether you use your garden for sunbathing, to tend your beautiful flower beds,
or as the children's playground, freshly cut grass will always grace your garden.

Our robotic lawnmowers are easy to operate.
They can be set to run completely autonomously, or be controlled via App.
The robot is designed to keep the grass cut, and because
it cuts both frequently and biodynamically, you'll get a healthier lawn.

Say hello to your new garden helper.

Ready for this season?

Rain sensor

- So the robot goes back to the charging station by itself

Time setting

- So the robot runs whenever you want

Automatic charging

- So the robot is always ready


Core+ 600

Upp til 600 m2

130 m kabel

180 plastmarlör

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Clevr 1000

Upp til 1000 m2

170 m kabel

230 plastmarlör

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Clevr 1300

Upp til 1300 m2

200 m kabel

250 plastmarlör

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Up to 600 m2

110 m. cable

140 plastic pegs

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Up to 900 m2

140 m. cable

180 plastic pegs

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Up to 1200 m2

170 m. cable

210 plastic pegs

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Up to 2000 m2

260 m. cable

340 plastic pegs

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Watch our installation video

Watch our new installation video, which shows how to easily install the robot, charging station, and cable in your garden. Our step-by-step guide leads you easily through the setup process, while also giving you some tips & tricks.

Watch it here

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